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Challenges Bring Out the Best

As the recession of 2008-09 continues to unfold, we’re finding the truth remains in one old saying: The worst of times brings out the best in people.

In this case, the ‘people’ are our clients. And in our 2009 planning sessions with them, they continue to inspire with their innate optimism about the future, regardless of the sobering news of the day. They believe that, as with every previous business downturn, this one too shall ultimately pass. And they want to be poised to capitalize when it does.

That’s why several of them are foregoing salaries – in whole or in part – to boost the odds on holding their teams together. That’s why others are pruning, not chopping, their marketing budgets for 2009 or charting a ‘steady as it goes’ course. Rather than fretting about things outside of their control, they are remaining true to who and what they are, drawing on the positive, can-do spirit that made them and their companies what they are today. We feel privileged to serve!

Industry Lingo:
Adj: Glocal /GLŌ – kal/ ― relating to both the micro and the macro with a disregard for
mid-level occurrence. American news coverage is increasingly global/local, or glocal, with
smaller outlets focusing on immediate impact and industry giants monopolizing national
and world news.

Precision Messaging
by Steve Houston

facebookApparently, advertisers have concluded, based on my profile, that I snore a lot, watch birds and have an interest in making “easy” money on the Internet. They got one out of three right. I’m a bird watcher. So much for targeted advertising.

This type of profiling speaks to social networking’s potential and much needed refinements. We’re bombarded with messages every day, but often, little thought goes into whether a message resonates. In the cacophony, who is really listening? Precision messaging through social media can offer a compelling connection to the right audience. Are you the cacophony or the connection?

A Double-Winner Website

Casey Communications recently won a Hermes Creative Award and a MarCom Gold Award for its 2007-08 website redevelopment for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The awards recognize success in completely retooling www.archstl.org as a more user-friendly site that serves the needs of more than four dozen Archdiocesan offices and agencies. The new site functions as an independent content-rich site as well as a gateway to nearly 50 subsites.

Other Cool Things We’re Doing


Events Introduce
St. Louis’ Newest
Health Center

A little more than six months ago, Casey Communications embarked on its largest event planning venture ever – five pre-opening events for the new SSM St. Clare Health Center in Fenton, Mo. Teresa Schroeder, CCI’s special event coordinator, took the challenge head-on.

The entire series included the SSM St. Clare Health Center Foundation SCHC-Beacon-Nightgala for 650 guests, a blessing and dedication ceremony paired with an employee open house, two physician previews and a two-day community open house. With careful coordination and planning, the SSM St. Clare team, led by Schroeder, hosted more than 13,000 individuals at the community open house alone.

The community response and excitement has been overwhelming. In addition to praising Schroeder’s skillful event planning, visitors at the open house noted they will go out of their way for state-of-the-art care and healing at SSM St. Clare.

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