Legacy Tribute for WWII Veteran

Corporate History for Family-Owned Regional Grocer

Employees Honor Founder with 25th Anniversary Custom Book

Timeline Chronicles 25 Years of Business Success

Celebrating a Father's Life

Sharing a Philosophy of Life

Many companies and organizations possess unintentionally buried resources that are rarely mined for the insights, clarity and inspiration they can bring to current decision-making, meaningful marketing, and future planning. Those resources can best be described as a company's history and heritage.

While many organizations wait until a milestone anniversary - from 25 years to a sesquicentennial or beyond - there is no limit to the value that can be harvested at any point in time from history and heritage efforts aimed at communicating and reinforcing enduring values and guiding principles.

The following checklist provides a sample of Casey Communications' history and heritage-related services:

• History Celebration Planning Services and Heritage Marketing
• Historic Research
• History Chronology/Collection of Stories
• History Timeline
• History Video/DVDWeb Presence
• Lobby and Showroom Displays
• Anniversary Logo
• Client and Employee Celebrations/Commemorative Events
• Media Relations
• Direct Mail Campaign
• Advertising Campaigns & Extensions
• Memory Books (Personalized to founders, long-term employees and as retirement gifts)
• Commemorative Gifts
• Community Gift