Legacy Tribute for WWII Veteran
As a hero of World War II was aging, his family contacted Marie A. Casey, president of Casey Communications, about collecting his memories to preserve his legacy. She conducted a lengthy in-depth interview, which she had transcribed and then footnoted with additional research to corroborate his wartime memories.

LegacyThree years later, this member of the Greatest Generation died at age 84. She tapped the rich stories contained in the 12,700-word transcript and the spirit of her visit with him to craft a 3,000-word essay. With his burial just days away, she expedited design and printing of a four-page legacy tribute, complete with cherished family photos that helped tell his life story.

Simultaneously, she penned his obituary and worked with a local newspaper reporter to craft an article that captured the essence of his life’s achievements. The tribute was completed in time for family and guests attending the visitation and funeral. Also, because the memory of a cherished person’s voice is often the first to fade, she produced the interview recording as a two-CD set for family members.

Casey Communications is uniquely qualified and experienced to produce lasting legacy tributes. By contemporaneously chronicling memories, the stories of admirable and heroic individuals can be shared to inspire greatness in the generations, colleagues and comrades who follow.

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