Ad Campaigns That Work
What do a major interior design firm and a leading information technology (IT) firm share, other than St. Louis as home base? The answer: Casey Communications as a collaborator on print ad campaigns that generated outstanding results.

For the interiors client, Casey worked with a graphic designer and photographer to develop and execute a graphically intricate ad that conveyed a unique theme surfaced by the leaders of the interiors firm – the remarkable employment tenure of a majority of its staff. Since making its debut in local lifestyle publications, the ad has created a stir. At grocery and retail check-out lines, many of the interiors professionals pictured report being approached by strangers curious to know if they are one of the veteran designers touted in the ad. Executives say the campaign is the most effective ever run in the firm’s 30-plus-year history.

Conversely, the campaign for the IT client was geared to introduce a proprietary software product to an international audience of software programmers. Casey worked with team leaders and the company’s in-house graphic specialist to develop an ad that clearly communicated the technical benefits of the product in a graphically compelling fashion. In each of the four months that the ad has run in the international trade journal servicing the programming sector, one new Fortune 1000 client prospect has entered the product’s six- to 12-month sales process pipeline.

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