RUSH! PR Blitz Nets $4.5 Million in Media Value
Sometimes in the race to debut a mammoth development, construction delays can put promoting the property on the back burner, creating an enormous need to “catch up” on media relations. 
Such was the case for one of Missouri’s largest new tourist attractions when it contacted Casey Communications to begin promotions just days before the start of the critical summer tourism season.  With national tourism media having already locked in editorial plans four months earlier, Casey rapidly developed and methodically deployed a sequenced awareness campaign utilizing highly targeted electronic distribution to present a series of story pitches and news releases.  Initially, Casey identified and then targeted tourism reporters whose stories would be picked up by multiple publications. The result was enormous bang for the buck. 
Within 100 days, Casey had placed stories in multiple markets, including a section cover story in USA Today.  The placements represented more than $4.5 million in media value and ultimately helped attract 1.5 million visitors to the development over the corresponding period.  The return on investment in Casey’s services exceeded 125 to one.

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