Special Events: Planning a Week-Long Annual Meeting
When a client of Casey Communications learned that it had been tapped to plan the annual meeting of its parent organization in St. Louis, the trade group was overwhelmed. The local director had no experience in event planning and no capacity in his schedule to orchestrate a week-long event with 35 sessions for more than 200 attendees -- plus organize off-site events for spouses and guests. He turned to Casey for help.

Casey's experienced special event staff came to the rescue and deployed a team to plan the large-scale affair. Team members attended to every detail, from selecting and arranging meals, day trips and tours to ordering specialty items (ranging from tote bags to leather portfolios), developing registration materials and processes, and coordinating design and production of itinerary booklets. Casey staff was also on-hand daily throughout the week to serve as tour guides, answer questions and assist as needed. The event was so successful that the organization passed a unanimous decree that all future annual meetings MUST be planned by a professional.

Whether your next corporate event is to run one evening or one week, the professional skills of Casey Communications can help ensure that it fulfills desired goals and leaves a positive lasting impression.

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