Corporate History for Family-Owned Regional Grocer
When Casey Communications was retained to document the history of a food retailer
commemorating its 50th year in business, Schnuck Markets expected a 40-page brochure. What Schnucks received – much to its delight – was a bound, 100-page corporate history and a companion video used for new employee orientation.

Schnucks Corporate HistoryMarie Casey, president of Casey Communications, spent more than 80 hours interviewing the one surviving company cofounder. In addition, she interviewed past and present executives and employees and reviewed volumes of documents, photographs and memorabilia dating back to the chain's founding. She directed a team of specialists in graphic design, photo preservation and printing to ensure an accurate and visually compelling finished product. Schnucks was so pleased with its book that 10 years later, at its 60th anniversary, it retained Casey to expand and update the history to 150 pages.

Corporate histories are a highly specialized communications product that Casey
Communications is uniquely prepared to provide. In the case of the food retailer, the
surviving cofounder died prior to the company's 52nd anniversary. Had Casey not chronicled his memories, they would have been lost forever.

“We have been receiving such heartwarming responses to our company history that I wanted to share a few with you. After all, the special quality of this publication was directly related to your dedication and to your extraordinary writing talents. You turned a tedious task into a pleasant undertaking.”
— Donald O. Schnuck

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