Celebrating a Father's Life
To honor the insights and achievements of his father, RB Qualy, John Qualy turned to Marie Casey, president of Casey Communications, to capture RB’s legacy for the benefit of generations to come. 

Gathering the entire history of one man takes a deep passion for research and an understanding of how experiences and decisions impact individuals, families and future generations. Casey’s ability to collect and assemble historical data and memories and convey them in a meaningful way has forever preserved the mile markers of RB Qualy’s life. 

After nearly eight hours of face-to-face interviews obtained after a cross country trip to RB’s Florida home, Casey produced a 15,000-word transcript that became the foundation for an image-laden 70-page, leather-bound book that details RB’s life and the legacy of the Qualy family. It shares

  • Memories of his parents that express character-shaping, enduring values 
  • Reflections on events that deeply affected him
  • Major turning points and
  • The source of his deep resolve, inner discipline, energy and spirit.

What is learned by telling a loved one’s story? John Qualy explains. 

My father’s story will touch the lives of people I’ll never see. I know more about who I am by learning where I came from. The quotes from my father reveal the thinking behind his decisions; greater self-awareness for me comes from that. It affects my view of the future and what perhaps I want to do differently. Although times change, the basic elements of life don’t. If we don’t pay attention, it’s probably to our detriment.

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