Sharing a Sunny Philosophy of Life
As philanthropist Sunny Glassberg approached her 91st birthday, she sought the writing expertise of Marie Casey, president of Casey Communications, to chronicle the story of her life and her philosophy of giving. Sunny wanted the biography to be a gift to her family, especially her grandchildren.

Harvesting the memories of Sunny’s childhood, youth and adult years took place in a series of six face-to-face interviews conducted by Casey. Her ability to extract long-submerged memories from Sunny added significant dimension to the story of her life and brought warm sentiment to their time together. Each interview was transcribed, and a detailed outline of Sunny’s life was created to guide the story. Casey also collected and assembled scores of images and photo captions for the book.

After 18 months of research, writing and assembly, Sunny Glassberg’s biography, Sunny Side Up, was complete. The volume topped 25,000 words and included 153 images. On the day the first copy of the book was hand-finished at the printer, Marie Casey personally delivered it Sunny. 

Sunny describes her experience:

During our interviews, Marie’s questions and tender listening brought back memories I thought I had long forgotten. She renewed a part of me and my life that was particularly joyful, and she was always a delight to be around. I appreciate that Marie kept all of the stories, images and memories so private—in my book and in her heart. I am thrilled with the end result. The book is better than I could have imagined: so detailed, so beautifully written and so personal.

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